5 Technical SEO Tips to Help Improve User Experience

5 Technical SEO Tips to Help Improve User Experience

Looking to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)? It may be time to look behind the scenes at how you can use technical SEO tactics to your advantage. You can think of technical SEO like the framing of a house. No matter how beautiful a house is, it would collapse without good framing, right? Likewise, even the most beautifully designed website with the best content won’t rank well if its technical SEO isn’t considered. Let’s look at what technical SEO is and the ways to use it to improve your site rank and the user experience for anyone who visits.

What is Technical SEO?

SEO isn’t just about keywords. Technical SEO involves the optimization of different technical “behind-the-scenes” aspects of your website to ensure it can be crawled and indexed correctly, along with offering a pleasant user experience through decent site load speed and other details.

This subcategory of SEO is comprised of the actions that, similarly to on-page or off-page SEO, can improve how well your website ranks on different search engines. What makes technical SEO unique is that it involves improving or optimizing the technical aspects of your website and server to help with site indexing and the user experience. This includes details like mobile-friendliness, site load speed, navigation, site structure, and more.

The ways that you can leverage technical SEO are almost endless though they may be limited by your comprehension of website code or the technical aspects your website host helps you with (i.e. WordPress can help with schema markups). If you are looking to get some additional help with your technical SEO but you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, it helps to work with an SEO specialist.

What is Technical SEO?
The Benefits of Technical Optimization

We understand not everyone wants to spend their time on this. However, there are noticeable improvements to your site indexing and ranking when you also optimize the technical side of your site. (plus you can check out our organic SEO services too to help relieve some of the burden.)

Technical optimized sites are ranked higher.

When you optimize the technical side of your website, it makes it easier for a search engine to crawl and index the site. This can help improve its ranking, making it easier for more of your target audience to see it.

Better technical SEO often means better user experience.

Improving technical site details like accessibility or site speed will make the overall user experience far better, which helps improve their impression of your organization.

It can improve your customer conversion and retention.

When your site provides a great experience for a larger number of people, it will increase the chances that they will purchase from or work with you. It can also increase the likelihood that they’ll come back to you again in the future.

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Technical SEO.

If you are struggling to find a starting point for improving your website’s technical SEO, we have a few ideas to make things easier.

1. Check on your website’s internal linking.

Check on your website’s internal linking

Ever heard of orphan pages? It’s a sad sounding term, right? It’s also sad when you learn that these are pages that no other page on your site links to meaning search engines can’t find them. We advise making sure that you have links between all the pages that you want search engines to find. If you specifically don’t want a page indexed though, this won’t be a problem.

2. Make sure Google has your sitemap.

Make sure Google has your sitemap

According to Google’s article on Maintaining Your Website’s SEO, “Using sitemaps helps Google discover and prioritize which pages to crawl on your site.” It is important to have a clean and clear sitemap for the search engine to crawl. It is also advisable to submit your sitemap to Google when you make major updates or changes. There are a lot of web pages that Google crawls on a regular basis, meaning it may be days or weeks before it reaches your site. Submitting your sitemap to Google helps to speed this process up.

3. Bulk up your site security.

Bulk up your site security

Ever noticed how so many websites now start with the letters HTTPS? Standing for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, these few letters tell users that they can trust your website is safe to use. Whether you are an e-commerce site or not, the better your site’s security is, the more trustworthy it is to search engines and your audience alike.

4. Consider mobile-friendly presentation.

Consider mobile-friendly presentation

Google is primarily using its mobile-first indexing, meaning that it checks to see how compatible your site is for mobile devices first and foremost. Setting up your content to be mobile-friendly along with user-friendly on desktop benefits you in terms of both better SERP ranking and a better presentation to your audience.

5. See how you can improve your site load speed.

See how you can improve your site load speed

Let’s be honest, a fast site load speed is just as important to retain the attention of your audience members as it is to get a decent SERP ranking. It is unlikely that online visitors will stick around for a site that takes more than a few seconds to load. Taking the time to handle technical optimization details, like compressing images, can help boost your site speed and improve your rank in the search results.

Let Varga Handle Your Organic SEO Services.

Improving your website in every possible way is worth it but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do so. Thankfully, when you tap into the SEO services at Varga Marketing, it can be. You can rely on a Varga SEO specialist to optimize your technical SEO, onsite SEO, and offsite SEO, bringing your audience to you and increasing the chances they’ll convert into paying customers.

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