Sales Terms


All sales made by Varga Media Solutions, Inc. to its customers are subject to these terms and conditions. Customer's acceptance of these terms shall be made upon providing a purchase order number to Varga Media Solutions, Inc. These terms and conditions shall apply to all sales of Varga Media Solutions, Inc. products.



Many payment options are available: Check or Money Order. We require 90% of contract fees in advance of starting a program and then require the balance upon completion of the program.


Sales Tax:

Only California customers need to remit the appropriate sales tax percentage for their county for where applicable. Varga Media Solutions, Inc. does not remit sales tax to states other than California.



All prices are subject to change without notice and will be established at time of contract acceptance by Varga Media Solutions, Inc.



Varga Media Solutions, Inc. will make it's best effort to deliver product in the quantities and at the times specified in the contract.



No change shall be made to an existing contract without written approval by and authorized Varga Media Solutions, Inc. representative. Any approved change will list, if any, the amended cost and or delivery considerations to be incurred by the customer. The change shall be made once buyer accepts in writing Varga Media Solutions, Inc.'s approved change. The customer shall not have grounds to cancel an existing order due to Varga Media Solutions, Inc. not accepting a change made by the customer.



All orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable to Varga Media Solutions, Inc. unless otherwise granted in writing by an authorized Varga Media Solutions, Inc. representative. The customer is also responsible for the full purchase price of any product that is completed, in transit, or in production.



Varga Media Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to modify the specifications of products ordered by the customer providing that the modifications do not materially affect the form, fit, or function of the products.



Varga Media Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to cancel contracts of customers in the event the customer fails to comply with the terms of payment specified in the contract or in any prior or subsequent contract included herein.



Varga Media Solutions, Inc.'s sole obligation for products that prove to be defective within 90 days of purchase will be for the replacement or credit. Varga Media Solutions, Inc. gives no warranty, either expressed or implied. In no event shall Varga Media Solutions, Inc.'s liabilities exceed the customers contract price, nor shall Varga Media Solutions, Inc. be liable for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages resulting from any such cause. This liability does not apply to products which have been subject to mis-use, neglect, accident or modification, or which have been soldered or altered during assembly and are not capable of being tested. Customer shall promptly notify Varga Media Solutions, Inc. representative to initiate a claim for any defective product.



If a check provided by the customer is dishonored for any reason by the bank or other institution on which it is drawn, the customer agrees to pay a $20.00 service charge (if the check cannot be redeposited).



The terms of this agreement all rights and obligations under it shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to conflict of law, rules or principles which might refer to the law of another jurisdiction. The customer agrees to exercise any right or remedy in connection with these terms and conditions in, and hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the State of California, Courts of Orange County, California, or the United States District Court at Santa Ana, California. The state and federal courts situated in Orange County, California will have non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue over any dispute or controversy that arises out of these terms and conditions.



Any clause required being included in a contract of this type by any applicable law or administrative regulation having the effect of law shall be deemed to be incorporated herein.


No terms or conditions other than those stated herein, and no agreement or understanding, oral or written, in any way purports to modify these terms.


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