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We are so confident you will be more satisfied with our distribution method than our competitors’ that we will pay to prove it to you. If you would like us to compete head-to-head with one of them, we will cover the transportation costs for you to conduct your own field audits. You can meet up with one of our auditors to see how we operate and we will also pay for your transportation to see how our competitor operates.

With several years of research and experience of door hanger distribution under our belt we have developed multiple checks and balances, as well as strict vendor requirements, to ensure that we get 100% completion of your distribution every time. Listed below are some of our best, key practices:


  • We make our expectations crystal clear to our distributors. Each distributor signs a contract prior to campaign execution that outlines everything from a walker code of conduct to where and how the distribution will be carried out for that specific door hanger marketing campaign.
  • We require a minimum number of walkers for every crew and determine in advance the maximum number of pieces that can be completed each day. For example: Typical door hanger advertising campaigns are distributed using 7 man crews (1 Driver and 6 Walkers) who are permitted to deliver 5,000 units per day. This is a very reasonable and attainable distribution goal which decreases the probability of product losses.
  • Our “real-time” GPS tracking goes with every walker, every driver, and every auditor on every door hanger campaign. Not every two walkers, not just the drivers — everyone is GPS tracked. This enables us to ensure each team is in the correct area and moving at an appropriate pace. It is also important from a complaint perspective because it allows us to identify in real-time who was delivering on a street where a possible complaint came from and deal with the issue appropriately right then.
  • Our distribution management team monitors GPS data, and analyzes walker performance each day from headquarters.The goal here is to coordinate corporate efforts with the distribution team leaders to solve any problems that may arise in the field and look for variances in data from crew to crew to identify and correct potential issues before they grow.