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T.I.M.M. stands for:
- argeted;
- ntegrated;
- apping &
- anagement Platform

T.I.M.M. is Varga's proprietary mapping & distribution platform. The
acronym stands for Targeted Integrated Mapping & Management Platform.

T.I.M.M. was developed to address 3 key areas of struggle:

  1. Available industry mapping programs stifled our team's creativity and limited our
    resources when it came to targeting because we were forced to use modeled data
    exclusively. (See Verified vs. Modeled Data)
  2. Existing GPS technologies used to manage door hanger campaign distribution could not display the distribution plan in real-time making them virtually useless when it came to executing a detailed plan.
  3. The GPS delivery output maps were separate from the distribution maps making it
    difficult to tell if the distribution plan was actually followed. We were forced to hold two
    physical maps up side-by-side to assess accuracy.

We searched high and low to locate a software company who had an off-the-shelf product to meet our needs and came up short. With frustrations mounting we set out to change the game. After another exhausting search we located a software development team who was up to the task of combining a flexible and powerful mapping system with GPS technology -and T.I.M.M. was born!

As a result of T.I.M.M.'s development we are now able to:

  • Utilize any data source available on the market and load it into our program. (Our base
    counts come directly from the USPS and our targeting data can come from which
    ever source provides the highest quality and freshest update of the demographic or
    behavioral data you are seeking.) (See Why We Went Postal)
  • Monitor our distribution teams directly in the targeting map we send you for approval.
    This means your campaign is built and executed inside a live GPS mapping platform
    making it easy to direct crew members and scrutinize how well we are following the
    intended distribution plan as the campaign unfolds. (See How T.I.M.M. Helps Us
  • Generate a series of reports that includes visual campaign completion (an overlay of the original campaign map including GPS data points for walkers, drivers, and auditors) as well as rankings of walker, driver, and auditor performance for controlling costs.