About Us Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint
Varga Tip
Increase your eco-friendliness by opting to print door hangers using 50% recycled paper!

At Varga we realize operating a business and executing front door marketing campaigns leave a carbon footprint on the environment. We have made a corporate commitment to reduce our impact.


Our initiatives include:


  • Using ink that is 20% soy and 10% vegetable oil-based. It emits low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), thus helping to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions.
  • We give you the option of printing your media on 50% recycled paper (25% post-consumer & 25% pre-consumer). This option means a slight increase in cost, but we feel that the health of our planet is worth it!
  • All products are shipped ground freight well in advance of the distribution start date avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions that are significantly increased when sending heavy loads air freight. This particular item also saves you money in the process! What’s more appealing than that?
  • We employ routing techniques with our traveling distribution teams to lessen travel distances, which in turn reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
  • Our office is wired with motion sensor lights that automatically turn on when triggered and automatically turn off when an area is not in use.
  • Our corporate waste is recycled and our employees utilize reusable kitchen wares in place of disposable items.