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Ask to speak directly to our Data Acquisition Team to find out what demographics or consumer behaviors you can harness to achieve maximum ROI with your door hanger campaign. There are over 650 selections for you to consider!

Traditionally, marketers have used standard demographics or one-size-fits-all profiles to target their customers. In today’s marketing world there are so many more options at our disposal; at Varga we see every door hanger marketing campaign as an opportunity to take advantage of those options. Our approach to targeting is rooted in the belief that your customers have distinctive characteristics and buying patterns — we aim to help you identify what those characteristics are and how to put them to work to for you!


There are two important facets of targeting that set Varga apart from its competitors:


  • The geographical shapes we use to create your distribution boundaries are based solely on United States Postal Service data.
    • The USPS offers the most comprehensive and detailed information about the true count of all residential addresses in the USA including the number and type of dwellings. For more details, read Why We Went Postal.
    • We always omit drop addresses (fraternity houses, sorority houses, nursing homes, convalescent homes, etc…).
    • We can include or exclude mobile home parks and apartment complexes.
  • Our Data Acquisition Team uses only true, factual, verified data that is compiled, refreshed and updated every 90 days by major data compilers such as Acxiom, Equifax, Experian, Knowledge Base, R.L. Polk and Epsilon.
    • This verified data provides actual information about the people living inside the dwellings: Their ages, incomes, hobbies, ethnicities, likes, dislikes, spending habits, etc…
    • While some of these major compilers also offer profiles and modeled data (Prizm, ConneXions etc…) we avoid this type of data altogether. For further details, see Verified vs. Modeled Data.

After completing your targeting profile, we develop maps in your target markets that contain areas most saturated with your desired consumers. These maps establish where our distribution teams will deliver your door hanger advertising campaign.