Targeting » How T.I.M.M. Helps Us Build Your Campaign
Did you know?
Using a radius for determining counts can artificially inflate the number of households in the target area because each shape file that touches the radius is included in your count — even if 90% of the shape is outside of the radius. At Varga, we only use radii as a reference point and solely build your campaign from actual shape files.

We wanted to offer our clients the ability to target in every way available so T.I.M.M. was built with the ability to utilize data from any source (including your customer lists) to maximize the potency of your campaign.



From a visual aesthetic perspective, T.I.M.M. does not have locked-in penetration values/colors like other programs of its kind. We can change the represented values/colors in order to reflect targeting more precisely which also allows for maximum granularity.


In addition, the targeting maps that we make for you using T.I.M.M. serve as the boundaries and geo-fences for the campaign distribution. This means that the same maps we presented to you for your approval prior to signing your contract end up as the geo-fences we use for distribution within T.I.M.M.’s real-time GPS tracking system.


These features make T.I.M.M. the industry’s most unique and efficient targeted mapping software available.