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Varga Tip
Our transparent distribution model — powered by T.I.M.M. — is the best in our industry. We can distribute millions of door hangers monthly to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

An effective door hanger marketing campaign has the potential to yield impressive results. It is important for the long term success of any direct to consumer marketing strategy to experiment with different offers, creative, and targeting profiles to develop a formula for success.

We recommend starting with 2 different offers combined with 2 different creative pieces and 2 separate targeting profiles for a total of 8 unique test drops. These 8 test drops should be distributed concurrently in the same market to ensure continuity in the results.

Upon completion of these test drops we will analyze the outcomes together to determine which variations performed best and then further refine your formula to capitalize on the elements that yielded acceptable results while eliminating those that did not.

We are big believers refining advertising campaigns for effectiveness and efficiency. For this reason we also strongly encourage our clients to include a tempting offer - at least 25%-50% off - exclusive to the door hanger advertising campaign and include a way to easily track the results. Not only does this allow you to see the true potential of our direct-response media, it will also help you establish who was most influenced by your message.

Beyond these enhanced door hanger targeting capabilities, we can also develop a post- campaign analysis report including CPM, CPL, ROI, demographic tracking, geographic tracking, marketing trends and a response and conversion rate analysis.